Thursday, October 25, 2018

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After White Ferragamo Belt became famous, the people in the village used him to borrow money. Each time the number was not small, but they were never returned. The reporter interviewed them. They even said that was so rich. What else did he do? He was kind enough to repair roads in his hometown, but he was reprimanded. The way he repaired was not good enough.

White Ferragamo Belt British old man, had been doing good deeds throughout his life. He made donations for 27 charities during his lifetime, but he received 260 e-mail calls every month. They all reached for the money. She was forced to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. I don't even have to give up my pension, and I can't afford more money.

There is a saying in the rumor: It's a sentiment for someone else to help you, and it's a duty to help you. I very much agree with this statement. We cannot stand on the moral high ground. I often tell the children around me that no one in the world should help you, nor does anything take for granted. When you fell in the street, no one helped you, when you were stolen by a pickpocket, no one reminded you, when you lost, no one took you home, when you were bullied by classmates, the teacher did not stop in time