Monday, April 30, 2018

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There is no decent furniture in the nest. The bed is a single bed, the table is a few pieces of bare wood. The red suitcase at the corner locked all the belongings, including the father’s relics, and the shirt he wore during his lifetime. Think of this, Kara's nose got sore, but there was no need to cry. There are actually a lot of extra things in the nest, like a brand new blue guitar. Because she will not play, no one will teach her to play a new guitar. Kapok brand. Take a shower and wash your hair together, although the basement is not well ventilated. You can go to bed and watch a moment book after showering .

For example, a Japanese woman writer of the same age as hers wrote Good weather for one person. Weather forecasts around the world are not 100% accurate, but understanding the weather in Japan will make Kara a comparison of weather in China. For example, on the same day, where it rained, where it did not rain. For example, why are you selling in a convenience store? The weather for Japanese girls replica ferragamo belt is good, and Kara's weather is just as bad as luck. Well, when the white-collar workers are still good, they leave work at 6 o'clock, and then all night belongs to themselves. Carla is only after 9 o'clock in the evening. Except today. Unexpected end more boring 3 hours. There is a good signal to call in. Carla put his cell phone on the edge of the window. The window was slit and the footsteps and dust on the outside were free. The phone really sounded. Carla threw the book, got up from bed and grabbed the phone by the window.

Hello, Mifan! You're off work, thank you so much, today... Hey, I'll be home at 6 o'clock , and I'll just rest until now... What do you say? You're out of the shop Steal a bottle of wine, the most expensive one! Chivas 12 years whisky. The shelf behind the cash register is the lowest row in the leftmost position. Price 215 yuan. Close to car half-month rent. What do you think, what are you doing in the end! The manager will soon find out! It's not that you're finished or I'm finished! Kara shouted. Carla, I always wanted to do an unscrupulous thing. I finally got it done

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