Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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I remember about a month ago, another person on the microblogging asked me: Are you very rich? I asked him what happened. He said he could not get home in the field and wanted me to help buy a train ticket. I asked to help buy a train ticket with no money what is the relationship? Hehehehe I finally did not help him to buy a train ticket, because I saw on the Weibo is a guy often throwing things, impulsive work, no plans, Ferragamo Belt Replica regardless of the consequences. Needless to say I have no money, I am rich and I am willing to help a positive person. Good fortune After all, I am not the kind of person who is rich enough to take banknote windows. Therefore, I also hope that the people I help deserve to do in this way .

Brown Ferragamo Reversible Leather Belt With Wood Bit Double Gancini Buckle Cheap

Looking back on a lot of people on the microblogging, some people live in difficulties, but my heart was brave, while others were seemingly strong, but the heart is fragile. On the last blog, I wrote the power of my heart and I also thought about this matter. How you treat yourself and treat life not only affects you but also how others treat you and how to treat you. We all have one premise: our attention, love, energy and money are limited. So if we are really brutal, we will compare two people who also encounter difficulties. One is positive, one is negative, unless it is an intervention in suicide. It is certainly the first to help positive people. This is very real and has nothing to do with good or evil. So in order to give others a positive signal, but also give yourself a good psychological suggestion, Brown Ferragamo Belt to the sun.

I think these words from me explain why I helped one person and not help the other. In fact, I can always feel unhappy - my mood is not always sunny. But the key is to look at an attitude thing. This thing is indescribable, but people will feel it. I was slowly realized after I was infected. I used to think that Helen Keller wrote If you give me three days to light, a little puff, but then I felt sick from the side of the body that can not be obstructive attitude of life, Ferragamo Belt Brown Like a towering towering towering tree, looked up.

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