Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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The weather is very hot recently, every night blowing air conditioning, but also make my throat uncomfortable. Tonsil Some inflammation. Last week to tuberculosis detection of tuberculosis, phlegm culture hanging, sputum hanging bloodshot. Do not know is on the gums, Blue Ferragamo Double Gancini Stamped Reversible Belt Cheap For Men is on the throat. Let it go.

When my parents went out early in the month and left me alone, I lived for more than half a month, sleeping alone for a meal. I live in a new state, never before. When I graduated from college, I lived alone, but there was a roommate at that time, and I could laugh and happily eat a meal occasionally or go out and buy things together. Later, and cohabiting with her boyfriend. Two people spent three years together, basically when I was idle, I was beside him. Although nothing was done, both of them were tired in bed and found it interesting. And then I bought a house, broke up with my boyfriend, Ferragamo Belt Outlet took my parents over, and the family of three continued my eighteen years before college life. It can be said that I did not feel lonely. But within these two weeks, I found this loneliness, dating back even to the time after breaking up with my boyfriend and then to the days after my parents came back, up to this day.

I find my words less and less, and different people play different roles, different words, no one can make these things together, in series. Lonely, is a person against all things, no sharing. Maybe the first days, I will feel no one in the room to speak, not used to it. But then got used to it and found it just so. And then a little bit of But then let the state slide a little bit, Blue Ferragamo Belt until I suddenly turned around and found myself now much worse than before.

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