Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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In fact, I still really want to find a person living together, or else every night only computer games and books to accompany. The most depressing is that when people always have sex, I either have to spend a lot of time and thought to find a gunboat, but also be careful to have a sexual relationship, or can only solve their own, and masturbation can only solve the desire can not be soothing soul. I have now discovered that sex is not a simple physiological need, it can bring satisfaction, but also can bring deeper loneliness. There are many people who can make love, few people can love, and then people who can get together and live together
I still have mental preparation for this sentence Black Ferragamo Croc-Embossed Calfskin Belt With Big Rose Gold Tone Double Gancini Buckle.

 I originally thought I would come back from Africa after I did not expect a little earlier. In fact, there is a fundamental problem that can not be solved between us - off-site. I am not saying that long-distance relationships are not realistic. If we are not realistic, we will not initially choose to start. Like he said, our feelings can not see the future. There are many stories of different places coming together, but they all happen between one strong and one weak, and one person runs to another. And we are too evenly matched, Black Ferragamo Belt is his site, Versace Belt is my site, both of us can not be separated from their own city, who went to another city are not guaranteed. So our long distance relationship will continue forever. He had said that flying time within two hours was not a problem, and we did exactly that.

But with the advent of summer, there is really little chance of meeting as the job gets more and more busy. Last met or he came to Ferragamo Belt Outlet Onlineto do medication before the physical examination, flash and more than a month. In fact, medicine is also a problem, just want to graduate to find a job, like, will certainly break up a lot of people, this is a hint of my heart, even if stepped over, but also tripped one. He went to the hospital four times before he started his own business, and went to herself. Later, a fever. Still have to face the drug reaction after taking medicine. May be a person. The two of us had a poor day, so I really understand his feelings. Especially he lives in a big house. Loneliness is a killer for Libra. Fortunately, there are dogs in.

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