Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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I remember about a month ago, another person on the microblogging asked me: Are you very rich? I asked him what happened. He said he could not get home in the field and wanted me to help buy a train ticket. I asked to help buy a train ticket with no money what is the relationship? Hehehehe I finally did not help him to buy a train ticket, because I saw on the Weibo is a guy often throwing things, impulsive work, no plans, Ferragamo Belt Replica regardless of the consequences. Needless to say I have no money, I am rich and I am willing to help a positive person. Good fortune After all, I am not the kind of person who is rich enough to take banknote windows. Therefore, I also hope that the people I help deserve to do in this way .

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Looking back on a lot of people on the microblogging, some people live in difficulties, but my heart was brave, while others were seemingly strong, but the heart is fragile. On the last blog, I wrote the power of my heart and I also thought about this matter. How you treat yourself and treat life not only affects you but also how others treat you and how to treat you. We all have one premise: our attention, love, energy and money are limited. So if we are really brutal, we will compare two people who also encounter difficulties. One is positive, one is negative, unless it is an intervention in suicide. It is certainly the first to help positive people. This is very real and has nothing to do with good or evil. So in order to give others a positive signal, but also give yourself a good psychological suggestion, Brown Ferragamo Belt to the sun.

I think these words from me explain why I helped one person and not help the other. In fact, I can always feel unhappy - my mood is not always sunny. But the key is to look at an attitude thing. This thing is indescribable, but people will feel it. I was slowly realized after I was infected. I used to think that Helen Keller wrote If you give me three days to light, a little puff, but then I felt sick from the side of the body that can not be obstructive attitude of life, Ferragamo Belt Brown Like a towering towering towering tree, looked up.

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Suddenly thought of the last time in Tianjin, we sing the meaning of travel, that song is very suitable for both of us love, in this love there is no pursuit of the kind of hot, that is, two people who know each other Nestled together.

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Not long ago the body has been uncomfortable, sore muscles - this has become commonplace. The key is the liver area feel uncomfortable, hurt but not good, so I have been very worried, then back pain, do not know the reason. Twinkling syphilis second thought, so go to a friend that checked syphilis, all right. And then keep a good week, it seems that not yet overjoyed. In the past few years, when you sleep early and get up early, your body suffers almost no problems. You can not see any problems at any time.

Last week to test the Red Ferragamo Belt, get the result is 538. The figures look good, but I think it is in a decline. Then this figure is not optimistic. CDC doctors to open the list, said one year can check for free tuberculosis. But dragged almost two weeks, the working day has not caught time to check.

This week there is a child from Versace Belt to Versace Belt to go through the Department, do pre-medication check. High school students did not let the family know, there is no money, so everyone in the Internet have given some money. I talked to him the last time he came to cure, but at that time I was out of the country, so I did not help anything. This time just in Ferragamo Red Belt, so help set the hotel. Little guy is sensible, still discuss with me to give everyone the money back. I told him: since you gave it to the first used, first check the body, then busy school, both of them get settled, and then consider the money back. The first day of meeting, the children sent me a book called run toward the sun, which is the origin of this log name.

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I do not mean it? I bought a big TV specifically for watching high-definition movies, bought a game console, prepared N computers, but also prepared a mahjong. I always intend to bring a boyfriend back. But every time I am watching a movie at night, a person playing games, parents do not like to play a missing one of the mahjong, White Ferragamo Calfskin Belt With Extra Large Double Gancini Buckle Cheap For Women so mahjong boxes have not even opened.

We all want to be with each other, but we can not do it right from the beginning. He looks forward to a future together, and this promise I can not give. We are too much like, not just character, but also situation. With parents, I can not leave Versace Belt just as he can not leave Mcm Belt. So why do I love such love? Because love in addition to a partner, gave a thought. I know there will be an individual who supports me from my point of view, will say we, there will be recorded hanging, it is a sense of security, like the last straw. So Ye Hao Ye Ye Hao, you can call a lonely time, if hit him just hit, it is more interesting. So in my opinion, the partner is good, but the idea is more important. In the past two years, I have been running all over the country, White Ferragamo Belt and my ex-boyfriend only met in a month or two. Later, time and space or distanced. Now I set the post in Versace Belt, unfortunately, he is again in Mcm Belt, my life is off in love with knock off.

So today I find the break up contract look, that is, he said at the time to see together but ultimately did not watch the movie. Then crying splinters. Hermes Belt the story may not be the same as our story. But I cried my past love. I am thinking maybe apart is good. After all, we occasionally want someone to accompany you. Maybe this is a contract, maybe it will finally come together. Anyway, even go to Africa Well. We all love to travel, Ferragamo Belt White also like Starbucks City Cup, like postcards. Apart from the traces left by families and cities, we are both very much in character and hobby.

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In fact, I still really want to find a person living together, or else every night only computer games and books to accompany. The most depressing is that when people always have sex, I either have to spend a lot of time and thought to find a gunboat, but also be careful to have a sexual relationship, or can only solve their own, and masturbation can only solve the desire can not be soothing soul. I have now discovered that sex is not a simple physiological need, it can bring satisfaction, but also can bring deeper loneliness. There are many people who can make love, few people can love, and then people who can get together and live together
I still have mental preparation for this sentence Black Ferragamo Croc-Embossed Calfskin Belt With Big Rose Gold Tone Double Gancini Buckle.

 I originally thought I would come back from Africa after I did not expect a little earlier. In fact, there is a fundamental problem that can not be solved between us - off-site. I am not saying that long-distance relationships are not realistic. If we are not realistic, we will not initially choose to start. Like he said, our feelings can not see the future. There are many stories of different places coming together, but they all happen between one strong and one weak, and one person runs to another. And we are too evenly matched, Black Ferragamo Belt is his site, Versace Belt is my site, both of us can not be separated from their own city, who went to another city are not guaranteed. So our long distance relationship will continue forever. He had said that flying time within two hours was not a problem, and we did exactly that.

But with the advent of summer, there is really little chance of meeting as the job gets more and more busy. Last met or he came to Ferragamo Belt Outlet Onlineto do medication before the physical examination, flash and more than a month. In fact, medicine is also a problem, just want to graduate to find a job, like, will certainly break up a lot of people, this is a hint of my heart, even if stepped over, but also tripped one. He went to the hospital four times before he started his own business, and went to herself. Later, a fever. Still have to face the drug reaction after taking medicine. May be a person. The two of us had a poor day, so I really understand his feelings. Especially he lives in a big house. Loneliness is a killer for Libra. Fortunately, there are dogs in.

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Heart is a big inertia. When we get used to a state, it's hard to change. So lonely for a long time, it has become lonely. And then there has been a person down. The farther the silence, the harder it is for anyone to have so much power to bring you back.Slowly, I found that the company of parents was an external protection. It was like having food for a child, wearing clothes, and being bullied by someone else. In his own life, there is still a lack of such a core-like existence. This is like the person of a write-one Na, a person can not hold Black Ferragamo Double-Gancio Reversible Leather Belt With Gold Big Buckle Outlet Online Sale.

But I have to say that finding love in the gay community is a difficult task before the infection, and after the infection I did not even think about it. Like this long-distance relationship, the two of us come together, it is entirely coincidental, not posted advertising proclaimed. Falling in love is a difficult thing for infected people. Because of the small range of options. We need a share of life with our own people. Burberry Belt how to find the one who comes with oneself is the biggest problem. Under the condition of protecting privacy, or if we have to find a problem, we must share it. Otherwise, it is really like a long distance relationship in life. The joy that comes can not be conveyed, Black Ferragamo Belt can only talk about some common topics. And feelings are a matter Ferragamo Belt although many things can be done to make up the past, but traces of regret will always stay there.

Intimacy and loneliness are the dilemmas of life for anyone in their 18s and 35s. Early conquest can be the early time and energy on other things wonderful life. Otherwise this time will consume dead on this issue. There is no doubt that heterosexuality follows social trends and will have less difficulty than homosexuality. The infected people are harder than the simple ones. The most difficult thing for us, both gay and infected. I've seen a lot of people use other things to divert attention, then become a successful person,Ferragamo Belt Black and then comfort themselves with what they have to lose. Ye Hao, not good, such as drinking water, cold and warm self-knowledge.

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The weather is very hot recently, every night blowing air conditioning, but also make my throat uncomfortable. Tonsil Some inflammation. Last week to tuberculosis detection of tuberculosis, phlegm culture hanging, sputum hanging bloodshot. Do not know is on the gums, Blue Ferragamo Double Gancini Stamped Reversible Belt Cheap For Men is on the throat. Let it go.

When my parents went out early in the month and left me alone, I lived for more than half a month, sleeping alone for a meal. I live in a new state, never before. When I graduated from college, I lived alone, but there was a roommate at that time, and I could laugh and happily eat a meal occasionally or go out and buy things together. Later, and cohabiting with her boyfriend. Two people spent three years together, basically when I was idle, I was beside him. Although nothing was done, both of them were tired in bed and found it interesting. And then I bought a house, broke up with my boyfriend, Ferragamo Belt Outlet took my parents over, and the family of three continued my eighteen years before college life. It can be said that I did not feel lonely. But within these two weeks, I found this loneliness, dating back even to the time after breaking up with my boyfriend and then to the days after my parents came back, up to this day.

I find my words less and less, and different people play different roles, different words, no one can make these things together, in series. Lonely, is a person against all things, no sharing. Maybe the first days, I will feel no one in the room to speak, not used to it. But then got used to it and found it just so. And then a little bit of But then let the state slide a little bit, Blue Ferragamo Belt until I suddenly turned around and found myself now much worse than before.

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Too little face to face from the front of our identity, and this life is like a bandage wound, on the surface without serious problems, in fact, very painful, over time will rot. In reality, you can not state your condition openly, you can not complain about your body, or you should deliberately avoid the word Hermes Belt. You have isolated yourself from Ferragamo Belt / Hermes Belt. Will be dumbfounded I will answer many A friends because of their contact with people in this circle is too small, a fan of not more than 100 people microblogging message that they want to borrow medicine, the success may be your performance How many Blue Ferragamo Reversible Calfskin Belt With Silver Double Gancini Buckle Sale?

So we need more contact. We need friends, we can communicate and communicate, we can work together better, and we can help each other. I always say how we are not tired of the case: last year I diagnosed abroad to go to relax, with all the people broke off contact, and then there will be friends around me to find a message, afraid I can not think of it. That is what touched me most. What is a friend, is the remedy of a thousand miles of embankment in front of a coldest cave, when you fall hand to pull a hand. Blue Ferragamo Belt is a low birth rate, so friends are more important.
I diagnosed nearly a year, many problems I have thought about the way of making friends is not suitable for this circle.

So many people in the online photo photo friends, I have not reprinted. This is not good for personal privacy. The current situation is still not good for infected people, so we also need to protect ourselves, at least for now. Burberry Belt during the year I also met a few good friends, but there are still people who have feelings. Although many people are in the field, not in a city. But we also often contact. The fact also proves that when the dots and dots are connected in a line, Ferragamo Belt Blue mesh and surface, we can do more and more things.

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I have always used to describe the problem with pressure - the more sharp things can show the pressure of the outside world. This is like a gay circle focused more on the case of interpersonal relationships, such as the experience of infected persons can better reflect the reality of social hierarchy and warmth. Then, I would like to say that now as an infected person, single life can better illustrate the loneliness and loneliness of a person in the present city. If you are a gay, infected person, single, lonely and lonely, that is the ultimate body Red Ferragamo Reversible Leather Belt With Big Gold Double Gancini Buckle Sale.

I do not want to analyze oneself or compare with others as layer by layer of onion, I feel that this thing can not be quantified, so I can not say anything. Only, even if you are rich, very nice, a lot of people like it, and there is always a point when it crashes. My measure of the standard of happiness is not money, not contacts, not experiences, there is no crushing contact. The perfect person can calmly treat life. And I see many cases, people face regret and remorse are all sides to avoid the one side of the crazy, Freud pipe called depression, isolation, sublimation, popular point is to divert attention. Many cattle are born like this, and then achieved the hard work word. But the more I see is the bullish side. Thousands of miles in the collapse of the nest cave. And I feel sorry for this is more than regret, Red Ferragamo Belt because the fate of destiny.

The perfect man is my ideal goal, but ideals are ideals after all, and it is too hard to do that. Perhaps that is a qualitative change, before the qualitative change I still have a hard work process to live. People always have a sad time, when you need help, there is a time when you need to share. We still have to face this problem. I wrote Love and Alone last month, and from my own point of view, I was looking for a boyfriend. Burberry Belt if I change to be a group of gay or infected people, I would like to emphasize my friend. When I wrote a special article in 2006 that emphasized this matter, comrades did not need love most, but were friends, a social support system, Ferragamo Belt Red and as infected people as well. So when Wood made this micro-Bo, I like Huang Wu like the comprehension.